Ready To Get Married? Take A Trip To Vegas For Many Options

If you are ready to get married but do not want to have a large expensive wedding, Las Vegas offers many options for you. Below are 3 ways you can get married, and start out your life together.

Drive Through Wedding

You can get married and not even get out of your car. Go to the courthouse in Las Vegas to get a marriage license before you go. If you want friends and family with you, get a limo, and fill it up so they can be there to witness your wedding.

Once you are ready, drive up to the window, show them your marriage license, and pay a fee. A chaplain will come out and marry you. It works much like a drive though at a fast food restaurant. Some chapels even have "menus" where you can choose the type of drive through wedding you want.

Elvis Wedding

If you are a fan of Elvis, you can find wedding chapels in Vegas that will let you have an Elvis wedding. Let "Elvis" walk you down the aisle if you prefer, and he can be in charge of your service. In many cases, you can use special Elvis wedding vows, and "Elvis" will provide you with entertainment by singing some of his songs.

Make sure you dress up like Elvis for your wedding. Wear a white jumpsuit with bell-bottoms and a stand up color, and comb your hair back. Add some sequins and glued on jewels to your jumpsuit. If you want to wear a suit or a tuxedo, at least wear your hair as Elvis did. The bride can wear a hair do like Priscilla, or purchase a wedding dress that looked like hers.

Intergalactic Wedding

If you are a fan of science fiction, choose a wedding chapel that offers intergalactic wedding options. Dress up as your favorite character from Star Trek or Star Wars, as an alien, a princess, etc. They may have costumes there you can dress up in if you do not bring your own.

Darth Vader or Spock may perform your ceremony. When you enter the chapel, you may find fog and theatrical lighting, intergalactic décor, and music. You may receive a video of your wedding, and be able to view the proofs of your wedding pictures online so you can order them when you get home.

An average wedding today will cost you $31,213 and that is not counting your honeymoon. Getting married in Vegas can save you a substantial amount of money, and when you are done, you can spend your honeymoon there to save even more. Contact a local chapel, such as A Little White Wedding Chapel, for further assistance.