What's Your Shape? 3 Ways To Let Your Body Type Lead You To The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

You'd love to wear a pair of jeans but you can never find a pair that looks good on you. You've decided that you just aren't meant to wear jeans. If you're going into the store and picking up the first pair of jeans you find, you might just be picking the wrong jeans. Did you know that jeans are designed for specific body types? Do you know what you're body type is? The tips provided below will help you find your body type and the best jeans for it.

Hour Glass

Look in the mirror. Are your top and bottom bigger than your middle? If they are, you're an hour glass shape. You want a pair of jeans that are going to hide the parts you don't like, while still accentuating the curves you have. Don't go for the low-rise, straight-legged jeans. They'll accentuate the wrong parts. Instead, choose jeans that have a mid-rise waistline with wide-legs. The wide legs will draw attention down, giving you a longer line.

Pear Shape

When you look in the mirror, do you see a larger hip and bottom region? If your body is round on the bottom and narrow on top, you've got a pear-shaped body. You want a pair of jeans that's going to draw attention away from your hips and gives you a slimming effect. Go for jeans that have a low-rise waist with trouser-style legs. This style of jeans will balance out your body and give you a slimmer line.

Apple Shape

Is your body more rounded or oval in shape? If it is, you're an apple-shaped body. For that type of body, you want a pair of jeans that will give you a slimming look while still creating a longer center line. Low-rise, Straight-legged jeans that are mildly form-fitting will give you a slimmer appearance. You can also go for low-rise jeans with a flared-trouser leg. This type of jeans will slim your thighs while lengthening the appearance of your legs.

Jeans are a great way to show off your curves, especially if you have the right pair. Before you give up on jeans, take the time to figure out your body type. Whether your hour-glass, pear shaped or apple shaped, dressing to your body type will allow you to accentuate your curves while still giving you a slimmer, trimmer appearance. The tips provided above will help you find the perfect pair of jeans for your body. 

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