The Unique Talents And Skills Of Cosmetologists

Cosmetology is a specialized professional skill of changing and beautifying the face, hair, and skin. A cosmetologist is a combination of technician and artist and must hold a valid license from the state in which they work. The field of cosmetology encompasses many disciplines and employment opportunities. Here are some of them:

Make-Up Artist - A cosmetologist who specializes in make-up application is an artist who uses the face and body as their canvas. A make-up artist can create many illusions with carefully applied make-up to change a person's age, health, demeanor, and physical characteristics. They could apply everyday make-up or make-up for special occasions and events, such as theatrical performances, public appearances, and promotions that use prosthetics and other applied body parts. These different purposes require different make-up techniques and skin products. A thorough knowledge of available make-up products and prosthetics is essential for good make-up artists. 

Skin Care Specialist - A cosmetologist knows the different natural qualities, types of skin, and skin textures of their clients of various ages and physical conditions. Knowledge of medical conditions and medicinal products is also important in order to control skin flaws and eruptions, birthmarks, and permanent and temporary skin conditions. A good cosmetologist can advise a client as to the daily and ongoing treatments and practices needed to disguise certain skin characteristics and keep their skin looking healthy. 

Hairstylist - The field of hairstyling is open and multi-disciplinary. A cosmetologist must know something about all of the following disciplines in order to master their field: 

  • Hair Cleansing - Cleansing a client's hair involves different shampoos and conditioners to improve hair texture and natural movement. Knowledge of available hair products is essential as the market changes with new products often.   
  • Hair Cutting and Styling - This is an evolving art that grows and changes with fashion and design. Hairstylists cut and style hair in lines and angles to allow natural hair to move, contour, and compliment the facial features of their clients. A good hairstylist will take into consideration the activities of their client when cutting and styling their hair. 
  • Hair Coloring and Texturizing - Hair coloring and texturizing products are wide and varied. A good hairstylist knows how to layer hair coloring on hair to achieve a natural look while making sure the client will have minimum upkeep and maintenance. Knowledge of how to change and improve thin hair, wiry hair, and other hair conditions is often needed for special clients. 

Nail Technologist - This field is creative and relies heavily on current design, fashion, and entertainment. Nail technology changes frequently so it is an ongoing skill. A cosmetologist who specializes in nail technology can make natural nails look healthy and polished. They can also change a client's nails with the application of temporary and semi-permanent prosthetic nails when needed in the theatrical and film industries. 

Cosmetology offers many interesting, unique, and rewarding employment opportunities. If you are creative and like people, cosmetology may be the field for you. Contact a beauty school like Tri-County Beauty College for a list of cosmetology courses so you can create a beautiful, interesting, and entertaining world for all who live in it.