Are You Making One of These Common Nail-Polish Mistakes?

Even if you have been painting your nails for years, it is entirely possible that you do not yet know everything there is to know about the process. In fact, most women go years without trying out new techniques and thus stick it out with the same tired methods since childhood. Could it be that you are making some of these very common nail-polish mistakes? Read this guide to see what you could be doing differently for better results.

Mistake #1: You don't use a base coat.

A base coat does not take much time to apply, but it provides polish with a stable surface to stick to. This means your manicure lasts longer and does not stain the nails underneath.

Mistake #2: You don't clean your nails first.

Make sure you clean off dirt, moisture, and debris from the top of your nails before applying polish or a base coat. Eliminate everything from oil to old polish with a brush before you get painting.

Mistake #3: You don't properly dry your nails.

Want to dry your nails quickly? Plunge your hands into a bowl of very cold water right after you paint them. Your nails will dry much faster once the initial shock wears off.

Mistake #4: You use too many strokes to apply the nail polish.

Nail polish should take just a few swipes to apply. Start at the middle and then perform two more swipes on the side. You don't need to spend much time swirling the polish around your nail. In fact, this might actually make your polish bumpy and difficult to dry.

Mistake #5: You don't maintain your nail polish adequately.

When you are not using nail polish, ensure that the cap is on tightly. Don't dunk the brush all the way in, as this brings air into the bottle. Instead, dip the brush lightly. You should also keep your nail polish in a cool, dark area where it is not as likely to dry out.

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