4 Important Differences Between Wax Warmers And Candles

If you are looking for a way to keep your house smelling great, you may have encountered wax warmers. Wax warmers are a great alternative to wax candles. At first glance, however, it may not be clear what the difference between a wax candle and a wax warmer is. Here are a couple of the important differences between the two.


A wax candle is made up of scented wax and a wick that burns down slowly. This melts the scented wax, allowing the scent to permeate the space it is in. A scented wax warmer, on the other hand, is a device that melts the scented wax without directly using a burning wick. A wax warmer is often electric, melting wax with a hot plate that you can put a regular candle on. There are also many varieties of melting wax that is designed specifically for a wax warmer device.

No Flame, No Soot

Scented wax warmers often don't use a flame, which is convenient in a lot of ways. Traditional candles have a burning flame, which can pose a risk to young children and pets in your home. Wax warmers circumvent the flame, lessening the chance of a fire dramatically. Because there is often no burning flame, you also won't have any soot accumulating outside of the candle. Traditional candles can often leave soot residue on walls, furniture, and curtains. You can avoid this with a wax warmer.

Longer Lasting

Oftentimes, wax warmers are longer lasting than traditional candles. Because the wax is being heated more gently by the warmer, you get the same amount of scent as a traditional candle, but the wax stays around for much longer. More than just being practical, this helps reduce the cost of candles and scented wax by giving it a longer life. You just don't have to go through as many candles in a year!

More Customizable

One especially nice thing about wax warmers is that they are often much more controllable and customizable than a traditional candle. If you use melting wax that was designed specifically for a wax warmer, you can mix and match scents quite easily. Often, especially with higher-end wax warmers, they will have a way to adjust the heat, so you can easily adjust the amount and intensity of your wax warmer. In general, wax warmers just allow for a safer, cheaper, and more customizable experience compared to traditional candles.

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