DIY: At Home Remedies For Back Pain

If you've ever experienced back pain or join pain, you certainly know how essential it is to find quick relief. Whether you're unable to make it to the doctors or are stuck between medications, here are three pain remedies you can try at home using only a few ingredients.  Hot & Cold Therapy What you will need: Ice pack  Hand towel Microwavable heat pack Long grain white rice Fabric The quickest way to relieve joint pain is to grab the ice pack from the freezer or throw a heat pack in the microwave.

Dos and Don'ts When Hair Stylists Make Mistakes

Everyone has a horror story about the worst haircut they've ever received. They'll tell you about how it was uneven, choppy, or nowhere close to what they wanted. However, they never tell you how they handle the situation at the salon. There's a fine line between polite confrontation and full-out rage when your stylist makes a mistake, and both have very different outcomes.   Here's a few dos and don'ts when it comes to responding to your stylist's work on your hair.

How To Contour Pale Skin

Contouring makeup can bring out your face's bone structure while taking the emphasis away from areas you don't like such as a wide forehead or nose. Those with medium-to-dark skin tones have an easier job with both finding the right contouring products and using the products to create a natural, healthy glow. If you have pale skin, contouring can leave you looking orange, muddy and unnatural without the proper product and technique.

Do-It-Yourself Facial Ideas

If your wedding is fast approaching and you want to prep your skin for the big day, give yourself a facial at home. Weddings can be expensive, so save money by pampering your skin in the comfort of your own home using all-natural products that you probably already have. Depending on what ingredients you use, facials will leave your facial skin smoother, exfoliated, moisturized, or all three.  Here are some do-it-yourself facial ideas: