Considering Home Hair Dye? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Dyeing your hair by yourself at home can be a real gamble. Even with the best instructions, it can be hard to predict how your dye job will turn out – different brands produce varying results, and the characteristics of your own hair also have something to do with how your hairdo turns out. However, there are some common mistakes that people often make when dyeing their hair at home, and avoiding the mistakes can help you achieve a better result.

Chop! Chop! Three Important Things To Take Into Consideration When Deciding On The Perfect Haircut

When choosing your new haircut, you need to consider more than just the natural shape of your face. There are other important characteristics on your body that you need to take into consideration in order to properly pick out the style that works well for you. For instance, if you are blessed with natural curves, you don't want to get a pixie cut because it will make you look short and stout.

4 Ways To Stay Cool & Comfortable In A Wig This Summer

Here are four tips that will help you stay cool and comfortable as you navigate your first summer wearing a wig.  Go With A Lighter Color If you plan on spending a lot of time outside this summer, you may want to consider going with a lighter hair shade, especially if you typically wear darker colored hair. A lighter colored hair wig will not absorb the heat the same way a dark colored hair wig will.

The Unique Talents And Skills Of Cosmetologists

Cosmetology is a specialized professional skill of changing and beautifying the face, hair, and skin. A cosmetologist is a combination of technician and artist and must hold a valid license from the state in which they work. The field of cosmetology encompasses many disciplines and employment opportunities. Here are some of them: Make-Up Artist - A cosmetologist who specializes in make-up application is an artist who uses the face and body as their canvas.