Are You Making One of These Common Nail-Polish Mistakes?

Even if you have been painting your nails for years, it is entirely possible that you do not yet know everything there is to know about the process. In fact, most women go years without trying out new techniques and thus stick it out with the same tired methods since childhood. Could it be that you are making some of these very common nail-polish mistakes? Read this guide to see what you could be doing differently for better results.

The Unique Talents And Skills Of Cosmetologists

Cosmetology is a specialized professional skill of changing and beautifying the face, hair, and skin. A cosmetologist is a combination of technician and artist and must hold a valid license from the state in which they work. The field of cosmetology encompasses many disciplines and employment opportunities. Here are some of them: Make-Up Artist - A cosmetologist who specializes in make-up application is an artist who uses the face and body as their canvas.

Ready To Get Married? Take A Trip To Vegas For Many Options

If you are ready to get married but do not want to have a large expensive wedding, Las Vegas offers many options for you. Below are 3 ways you can get married, and start out your life together. Drive Through Wedding You can get married and not even get out of your car. Go to the courthouse in Las Vegas to get a marriage license before you go. If you want friends and family with you, get a limo, and fill it up so they can be there to witness your wedding.

How Can You Identify Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer?

The rise in melanoma -- the most serious type of skin cancer -- has tripled over the past few decades, causing many health organizations and even the federal government to emphasize the importance of diligent sunscreen application and careful sun exposure. However, there are two less famous forms of skin cancer that are much more common. Read on to learn more about how to prevent (and what to do if you suspect you have) basal or squamous cell carcinoma.

Do-It-Yourself Facial Ideas

If your wedding is fast approaching and you want to prep your skin for the big day, give yourself a facial at home. Weddings can be expensive, so save money by pampering your skin in the comfort of your own home using all-natural products that you probably already have. Depending on what ingredients you use, facials will leave your facial skin smoother, exfoliated, moisturized, or all three.  Here are some do-it-yourself facial ideas: